Sunday, May 27, 2012

Superfocus ordered: let the games begin!

Yesterday, Saturday, I finally bit the bullet and ordered my Superfocus eye glasses at the Superfocus website.

It's confusing because Superfocus requests your payment info before asking for your prescription.  And providing the prescription is difficult.  Mine may not be done yet.

The prescription options are:
- fax (no kidding, just like a pizza joint circa 1985)
- calling and reading it to them (closed on Saturday and Sunday)
- paper mail.

I had to speak to someone in the optometrist office Saturday to get my pupil distance (PD), which by then I knew was required by Superfocus.

One can also enter the data into a Superfocus form with drop down lists of values for seven variables, including PD.  Unfortunately, my hand written prescription had only three numbers per eye.  Argh!  Did not want to call the optometrist office again.

I entered the data as best I could and completed the process, which fortunately asked for my optometrist contact information and permission to contact, which I granted.

When I received a  Superfocus e-mail confirmation from a noreply sender (Don't you hate that?) I forwarded it to with a message: Not sure about prescription.  Your form had more fields than I had data:

I then provided my prescription data as it appeared on the hand written prescription.  I also attached an image of the hand written prescription.  I wonder if there is a common Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) type form for eye glass prescriptions.  You know, like we all had computers connected to a network and wanted a way to share information.  The health care industry is a disgrace.

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