Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Samsung Chromebook: does out of stock mean a new model is coming?

Google Play


We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.

Is it my imagination or has this PC been out of stock for six months?  If it was a hot seller, why not replenish?  Maybe Google and Samsung are planning a new model, maybe with a touch screen.

Or maybe a high end Chromebook finally in the form of an Ultrabook.  Of course, Google's Android OS may be better suited for a touch screen PC than Chrome unless Chrome has been substantially  rewritten.  I like my Nexus 7 a lot but a real keyboard would be nice.

Anyone tried a Chromebox?

Verizon Home Monitoring service: what does Verizon think of my critique?


Verizon Home Monitoring service needs work.

Since posting that message a month ago I have not noticed any action by Verizon, which may simply be because it has only 14 views.  So I decided to send it directly to Verizon.  This was alluded to in my previous message posted a few minutes ago.  Contacting Verizon is difficult.

Here is that message:


Please address these issues.  Thanks.

Let's see what response I receive from Verizon, if any.

Verizon Customer Support e-mail:

The Verizon website is impenetrable.  It loops you, dead ends you, fails to support Chrome you.  You name it.  Just try sending e-mail to them directly.

A couple of minutes after sending my e-mail message I received an e-mail message back from Verizon, which contained this:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Verizon.

 One of our customer support associates is currently reviewing your inquiry and our goal is to respond within two business days.  Please note, response times may vary depending on our e-mail volumes.