Monday, April 22, 2013

Google Blogger software problems: one worked around.

When I published the previous post I was prompted to share it with Google+.

I had already tried a bunch of stuff to get my main blog ( to go back to prompting but everything failed.  I had suspected this blogger G+ option:

"Use Google+ Comments on this blog".

I had turned it off but that did not seem to matter.  In this blog I turned it on and the problem started here, too.  I then turned if off here AND closed the tab, re-opened and the problem went away.  I then tried that with and it, too, was fixed.

But what the heck?  What the heck is Google doing with junk like that?  Oh, and any indication of G+  sharing in for past posts have disappeared.  What the heck?

Google Blogger software problems.

I was using before Google took it over.  Problems seem to be getting worse and it's driving me crazy.  Here the URL for my main blog, Radical Baseball:

Integration with Google+, which seems to have achieved the impossible and become an even bigger unmanageable mess than facebook, has gone from working to working sometimes to not working.  Here is my setting:

"This blog is associated with Radical Baseball Google+ page."

When I published a post I was prompted to also share it on G+.  That worked.  Now it does not.

Now, I do not get asked to share.  I cannot share after publishing within blogger at all.  I click on "share" for a post listed among my posts and NOTHING happens.

If I bring the post into public view and click on share it only lets me share to my name, NOT my Radical Baseball Google+ page   NO option to change.  I've checked help, etc. and this is not addressed.  Trying to manually post to my G+ page from within G+ is impossible.  I have no idea how G+ works and I was VERY supportive of G+ from the beginning because I hate facebook so much but G+ is a mess.  Does anyone understand what the heck is going on inside G+?  I read stuff by Guy Kawasaki but it doesn't help.

And why can't I integrate stuff from Google Docs/Drive into blogger?  I cannot copy/paste from a Google spreadsheet into a blogger post and maintain any form.  It just looks like a mess.  I cannot find any way to accomplish this.  That's pretty basic stuff.

I finally figured out how to get a Google spreadsheet graph into a blogger post and it's ridiculously absurd.  I have to publish the graph, then copy the image html and paste that into the blogger post in html mode.  How about drag and drop?  Something.  Anything.  Google should be embarrassed.

I'm a big Google supporter but this stuff is really turning me off.  The problems, and I haven't even gotten into the sloppy editing and formatting deficiencies, are a genuine burden that slow the creation process and make me much less likely to even bother.  And I'm sick of seeing this all the time:

An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. Ignore warning

I used Wordpress while writing for a big blog and it did not have formatting problems.  I don't know about some of the other stuff since I was working within a corporate structure and not native Wordpress.  I hate the idea of switching but right now I'm not getting any benefit from using Google's blog service.  There is no integration with any other Google stuff.  NONE!

Monday, April 1, 2013

HDMI computer to television: does it ever work?

I tried it through an HDMI splitter to two HDTV sets that works fine with my Roku box.  I tried it with several devices and none worked.

1. Raspberry Pi: I could see the boot up stuff but video was cut off at the edges and I could not log in.

2. Windows7 laptop: nothing on screen no matter what I tried.

3. Samsung Chromebook.: desktop visible with video edges cut off but no log in screen in the middle, which I could see on the laptop screen.  I checked display options but dual screens was not available.  Also, my Logitech USB wireless mouse and keyboard did not work.

4. Motorola Droid Bionic: nothing.  Are there phone options to set?

What's the point of having an HDMI port if it does not work?