Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Superfocus glasses will be returned.

As soon as Superfocus e-mails the return label, which was promised a couple of hours ago.

1. Ugly.  Much more so than I anticipated.

2. Functionality was more limited than expected.

Combined those things made the decision easy for me.  Superfocus may be OK for some but not for me.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Superfocus order shipped; fitting recommended.

The Superfocus e-mail contained this:

We know that you will be eager to try your Superfocus glasses once the package arrives. However, we strongly encourage you to take your Superfocus glasses to a local optometrist/optician for proper fitting. You can use the Fitting Certificate that has been included with your Superfocus glasses and we will pay the optometrist/optician for the fitting, directly. A custom fitting is the best way to enjoy maximum comfort while minimizing the risk of Superfocus damage due to improper adjustment.

This was not mentioned in the detailed comments made recently here by "villager".

I'll probably ask my optometrist (probably an optician will actually do it).  It's a bit awkward since I ordered the glasses directly from Superfocus.  In the fall of 2011 I stopped by and asked the opticians whether Superfocus was supported and they had never heard of it.  Neither had my ophthalmologist retina specialist who examined my eyes a couple of weeks ago but who does not provide prescriptions.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

emPower!: next up if Superfocus flops.


Superfocus: concerns

Villager posted two comments to my previous post with very detailed information about his negative experience with two pairs of Superfocus glasses, both of which he returned.  He's still waiting for his refund.  This is all too typical these days.

One of the primary reasons I ordered Superfocus was because it emphasized that the entire lens is usable.   Villager contradicts this.  That's something that I will determine as soon as my Superfocus glasses arrive.

All along I have had two concerns, both of which Villager addressed:

1. Looking up from something close to something far.  The issue here is whether the benefit of Superfocus outweighs this known limitation.  My current trifocal progressive lens accommodates this but with its intrinsic compromises: small reading area and some dead areas.

2. The nature of the slider to change focus.  I wonder how easy it is to move with one hand and to quickly achieve a desired focus.  I also wonder how that opening can remain clean and functional.

I often watch TV and read, often on my laptop or tablet or smart phone.  Superfocus will probably not accommodate this habit.  I could, of course, continue to use my progressive lens during this activity and use Superfocus at other times, especially outdoors when I seem to need to switch between distance only glasses and progressive, which I find disorienting during physical activity.

When the Superfocus glasses arrive I will post my views, hopefully each day during my evaluation period.  I may create videos but have not decided.