Sunday, March 29, 2015

Chrome OS: why do so many things, including from Google, not run?

I'm looking at a c/net thing about running Google Earth Pro for free on "PC or Mac".  No option for Linux.  OK, but what about Goggle's own PC operating system (OS) Chrome OS, which runs on Chromebooks?

It's pretty much fill-in-the-blank does not run on Chrome OS.  I recently cancelled subscriptions to streaming video services for NBA League Pass and because neither runs on Chrome OS.

How the heck can that be?

Development stuff does not run on Chrome OS.  If you want to set up an environment to write and test programs, including those that run on Chrome OS or Google's tablet/smartphone Android OS, as far as I know that cannot be done on Chrome OS.

What the heck?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

purevpn failed on three PCs, worked on Android tablet.

purevpn now finally connects on my Android 5 Nexus 7 tablet and even stays connected all day using "any" location, which goes to Atlanta each time.  I'm in New York.  Able to break NBA blackout and see the Knicks!

purevpn drops connection on Windows 7 (with various protocols and locations) and both my Chromebooks to fixed locations: Miami and LA.  Chromebook connections last less than 30 minutes.  No useful notification that the connection dropped.

purevpn sponsored router from failed to run streaming video of NBA games using Roku 3 box.  Router returned.  flashrouter support absurd.

purevpn support tries but seems to just follow a script. - did not work

Both purevpn and unlocator are too concerned about movies and not sports.  A movie starts and if it stops, just start again.  Live sports cannot be viewed that way.  They are missing a big boat, especially concerning the local blackouts of the NBA and MLB.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

purevpn Android app shows itself connected when it is not.

Update from end of previous post:

Alert: I got suspicious and checked my Android tablet several hours later.  The purevpn app still shows me connected ... to Atlanta with a non-New York IP.  However:
- There is no VPN created among connections
- in the browser: What'sIsMyIP:    Same as in WiFi menu.

Does the purevpn Android app shows itself connected when it is not?

Nothing found for

On the other hand, my tablet is showing the New York Knicks replay, which should be blacked out in NBA League Pass.

purevpn: more chatting about disconnects from Windows and Chrome OS. Support still wants me to disable my firewalls.

Name: Kenneth Matinale
Registration E-mail / E-mail: KEN
Are you Existing Customer Yes
Country / Location: USA/New York

  Deniz Thu, 03/19/15 02:11:21 pm America/New_York

Hello Kenneth Matinale. How may I help you?

  Kenneth Matinale 02:12:48 pm

I'm connected to purevpn on my Chromebook. Hooked it up yesterday. But it has the same problem as my Windows 7 PC: the connection drops.

  Deniz 02:13:51 pm

may i know which server address you are using

  Kenneth Matinale 02:14:19 pm

oscar1 LA
That doesn't seem to matter.
I'm connected now.
I have another Chromebook and connected it to Miami yesterday and the connection dropped. Windows drops from amy servers.
many servers

  Deniz 02:18:17 pm

please follow this link

At the link:

My VPN disconnects after every few minutes. What should I do?

There are multiple reasons which may cause the disconnection like:

1-Switching the Protocol: If you are experiencing disconnection issues, then change over between the protocols, i.e. PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN. Mostly, disconnection issues are broken up by switching the protocols.

2-Firewall: If switching protocols doesn’t help then check Router / Windows / 3rd Party Firewall settings. Disable your firewalls at first, temporarily and try again. Sometimes router firewalls cause the disconnection problems and internet activity issues because WiFi routers usually grind the VPN to a stop after a few minutes of use, plainly because they can’t keep up with SPI / Firewall turned on.

3-Mobile Credentials: Likewise, you may face disconnection issue if you use Mobile account credentials (username/password) on PC / Mac / Router etc. Mobile account doesn't cover PC / Mac / Router etc and only supports Mobile and Tablet.

4-Internet Connection: If you still face disconnection issues after switching between protocols and turning off firewalls, you have to check your network. If there is any glitch in your internet connection, you may have disconnection issues in such scenarios as well.

  Kenneth Matinale 02:23:14 pm

Thanks. On Windows I switched protocols. That didn't seem to matter. Another purevpn support person suggested that I disable my firewalls for diagnostic purposes. I refused. That seems out of the question, especially given the nature of the service that you provide.
I am using the Verizon FIOS router.
I do not know where the Chrome OS firewall is, even if I wanted to disable it, which I do not.
You must have a log of my connections and disconnects and the servers and protocols.

Duration: 16m 43s
Chat has been opened from website:


Name: Kenneth Matinale
Registration E-mail / E-mail: KEN
Are you Existing Customer Yes
Country / Location: USA/New York

  Hummer Thu, 03/19/15 02:34:21 pm America/New_York

Hello Kenneth Matinale. How may I help you?

  Kenneth Matinale 02:34:43 pm

I was just in the middle of a chat when ...
Connection lost. Please check your internet connection and then try again.
It was about all the disconnects.

  Hummer 02:35:34 pm

Please share the issue you are having in detail so we will proceed accordinglu

  Kenneth Matinale 02:36:45 pm

purevpn connections drop often: Windows 7 and now Chrome OS on two different Chromebooks.

  Hummer 02:37:14 pm

Please try switching between protocols i.e PPTP/L2TP on your windows then try again

  Kenneth Matinale 02:37:18 pm

Ironically, I finally got it working on my Android tablet.
Changed protocols several times and don't want to disable firewalls.
Using Verizon FIOS router.
Check my log. Username: xxxxxxxx
The connection to LA dropped during the chat just before you came on. I reconnected.
Now on Chromebook connected to oscar1 as before disconnect.
Was chatting with Deniz.

  Hummer 02:41:03 pm

You are requested to disable the firewall
as firewall causes the disconnection

  Kenneth Matinale 02:42:37 pm

I do not know how to disable the Chrome OS firewall but do not want to do it. Since Windows has the had the problem the most times, it does not seem as if the OS firewall is the problem.

  Hummer 02:43:26 pm

You may simply disable the firewall of your router then try and check

  Kenneth Matinale 02:43:38 pm

The connection dropped during a purevpn chat. That's all I was doing.
I'm not fooling with my router.
I'll try at other locations but my guess is that the problem will persist.
If a router firewall can cause disconnects, the purevpn service does not seem very robust.
By the way, I had the router for two days plugged into the Verizon router and had disconnections. flashrouter failed at streaming video of NBA games through a Roku box, which was the main reason I bought it. I then returned it.
I think we're done. Anything else?
OK. Bye.

Duration: 15m 48s

Bottom line: they follow the script, which culminates with asking the customer to disable firewalls.

Today for the first time I got my Android 5 Nexus 7 tablet to connect to purevpn.  The one change I made was to let the server be assigned as "any".  Also, last night Google upgraded Android to 5.1 kernel version 3.1.10-gf5d7b8b, build number LMY47D

I connected my Android tablet several hours ago and it's still connected according to the purevpn app.  So if the problem was the Verizon FIOS router, then why is Android running purevpn and Chrome OS stopped running purevpn?  The only activity on the Chromebook when the purevpn connection dropped was my chat session with purevpn support, which could not have put much of a load on the connection.

Alert: I got suspicious and checked my Android tablet several hours later.  The purevpn app still shows me connected ... to Atlanta with a non-New York IP.  However:
- There is no VPN created among connections
- in the browser: What'sIsMyIP:    Same as in WiFi menu.

Apparently the purevpn Android app shows itself connected when it is not.

purevpn connects Chromebooks ... until they disconnect.

Yesterday connected two Chromebooks purevpn.  It seemed easier than using the Windows program and having the program inform me, sort of, that the connection had dropped.  The problem in Windows was that the connection dropped.

Same on a Chromebook running Google's Chrome OS.  They seemed to be working OK, except the connection would drop.

Overnight Google updated the Android 5 OS on my Nexus tablet.  I'll find out whether I can finally get purevpn to work on that tablet.

Check these links:

Saturday, March 14, 2015

purevpn support recommends that I turn off my firewalls. Really.

Another one of those: you can't make up stuff like this.

On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 8:30 AM, PureVPN <> wrote:
Name: Ken
Country: US
Email: ken
Feedback: The Windows program seems to drop the connection with no indication. I notice that it happened if I happen to look at the purevpn Window, which is not often after I've started the program. Obviously, that makes the use of your service random and therefor unacceptable. Right now it is unconnected and "Web Protection" is Inactive. However, if I close the program you display a message at the bottom of my screen stating that it is still running. What the heck?


from:PureVPN Support <>to:ken
date:Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 5:37 AMsubject:Re: Uservoice Feedback

Thanks for contacting us. It is to inform you that the message you see in the taskbar shows that PureVPN program is still running and it is not closed, as it will be minimized and will be in the taskbar of your system. In order to close the software you will have to right click the PureVPN software from the system tray and then exit it from there.


from:Ken  to:PureVPN Support <>
date:Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 7:02 AMsubject:Re: Uservoice

I just powered up.  Purevpn is not running in Control Panel list but your program has opened waiting for me to click connect button.  I closed the program without connecting and the "still connected" message appears briefly then fades out.  Purevpn was NEVER connected.  The message is in error.


from:PureVPN Support <>to:Ken
date:Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 11:31 AMsubject:Re: Uservoice Feedback

Thanks for your reply. You are requested to share with us the screenshot of it so we will check it and will proceed accordingly.


from:Ken to:PureVPN Support <>
date:Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 11:51 AMsubject:Re: Uservoice

This morning I had a long chat with Albert.  I thought things were ok but the connection dropped after about 30 minutes.  I used ABC and L2PT.


Note: purevpn live chat transcript on connection options. - "long chat with Albert" THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 2015

from:PureVPN Support <>to:Ken
date:Sat, Mar 14, 2015 at 10:30 AMsubject:Re: Uservoice Feedback

Thanks for your reply. You are requested to try connecting with server address and also disable the firewall of your router, modem and system if any then try to connect VPN and check. Also share the results with us.


from:Ken <ken>to:PureVPN Support <>
date:Sat, Mar 14, 2015 at 12:01 PMsubject:Re: Uservoice

​Thanks but there is no way I am going to disable the firewall of my router, modem and system.  What the heck is that?​  No way!


Friday, March 13, 2015

Business opportunity: beat the sports blackouts.

Maybe such a service or product already exists but I have not seen it yet.  Both of these failed miserably:

Cruise back through recent posts to wallow in details but the basic problems were:
- they do not work, certainly not consistently
- they do not address the sports blackout in the USA.

Here's what can make money for someone:
- address specific U.S. sports: NCAA basketball tournament, NBA, MLB.
- let the user specify his (it's going to be guys almost exclusively) home market.

For instance, here in New York Major League Baseball (MLB) with it's streaming video package will blackout the Yankees and Mets.  If I'm willing to pay for a subscription to, why wouldn't I just subscribe to MLB Extra Innings, its TV version.  Two basic reasons, which also apply to the NBA (don't know about NCAA):
1. MLB Extra Innings package: many channels NOT HD.  Wednesday, March 4, 2015
2. using the Internet version of the sports package, the user has the possibility to cut some of the cord and downgrade from an outrageously overpriced TV package to something less expensive or to nothing.

Most of the cord cutting stuff that's written seems geared towards beings from outer space who have no interest in sports.  The big boom in TV viewing is not movies but live sports.  That's what drives up the money, it's from those huge TV contracts.  The sports leagues receive mega money.  Then much of the cost is spread to "cable" customers, especially to pay for ESPN whether they watch it or not.

Currently to get the local sports teams from Verizon FIOS I must subscribe to a combo of HBO and Showtime, which, if I'm lucky, provide maybe one watchable movie a month.  I'd rather dump them both and pay less but I cannot without losing the New York teams.  I could if I switched to Cablevision and I tried that but the Cablevision installer insisted on performing his installation in a town in which I did not live, so after a full day of consternation I cancelled my order even though it would have been $30 less per month than Verizon.  At least Verizon could keep track of where I lived.

That's when I started looking at alternatives and tried subscribing to the packages that provided all the games for the NBA and MLB, but which unfortunately, black out the local teams.  You can see how this circle was formed.

So come on.  How about some semi-smart person using the existing, though far from perfect, technology being wasted by the services mentioned at the top of this post?  Those services apparently cater to paranoid people, not red blooded American guys who don't really worry so much about their messages being read but who want their sports provided their way.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

purevpn fails again to beat the blackout.

I started the ABC option as recommended by purevpn during a "chat" documented in the previous post, which should invoke the Oscar option, which should have me seem to be in LA.  However, the Knicks game, which happens to be in LA, is blacked out.  Of course in the ten minutes I tried this the first connection failed and I had start over again.

Your IP Address is

Host Name & User Agent

Your Host Name:

I have no idea what any of this means but purevpn is not doing the one simple thing I wanted: get me around the sports blackout.

purevpn live chat transcript on connection options.

Name: Ken
Registration E-mail / E-mail: KEN
Are you Existing Customer Yes
Country / Location: USA
AlbertThu, 03/12/15 07:14:28 am America/Los_Angeles
Hello Ken. How may I help you?
Ken07:15:46 am
You had sent me protocols. I'm connected with L2TP.
Albert07:16:32 am
Okay great
Ken07:16:38 am
Please open PureVPN SoftwareClick on Protocol and select Protocol as L2TP Click on Personalize selection and click on browse all serversScroll it down In Dedicated IP Subscriber Box please type server address In Preshared Secret please type 12345678 and click on connect
Albert07:16:50 am
Thats great. now please open website
and let me what IP address and location you are getting
Ken07:18:02 am
Your IP Address Is: No Proxy DetectedCity: Los AngelesState/Region: CaliforniaCountry: Us - us flagPostal Code: 90001Time Zone: ETC -08:00ISP: Hugeserver Networks Llc Latitude: 34.052230834961 Longitude: -118.24368286133
You had me enter a CA server.
Albert07:18:35 am
Which country do you want to connect to, so i may suggest you the best server address, and you will not get disconnection issues also
Ken07:18:50 am
This is too involved, especially for different purposes. Today, I wanted security. Later I may want to break the NBA blackout, so speed and a non-New York address, not simply fastest in USA, which would probably be local.
Albert07:21:11 am
I will provide you few server addresses, which will be best for your needs
Ken07:21:57 am
Why isn't NBA an option?
Albert07:22:02 am
you may use whenever you want to access NBA or USA streaming websites for gaming purpose and low ping
Ken07:22:20 am
You've got so many, including multiples for Netflix.
I want to watch games, not play games.
Streaming video.
Albert07:22:55 am
Sir then will be best for you
that will be best for you while you want to stream
Ken07:23:34 am
Where is it? Away from New York?
Albert07:23:44 am
yes, its away from new york
Ken07:23:55 am
Albert07:24:21 am
United States, California, Los Angeles
Ken07:24:33 am
Is it in the drop down or must I enter it?
Albert07:25:13 am
Sir, you have to enter this server address manually
or if you will choose ABC go from the purpose
it will let you connect with the same
Ken07:26:01 am
Why not add something for what I described Other people must have my requirement. Plus, each would need to direct to a non-local server. So someone in LA cannot use
Albert07:27:33 am
I apologise for the inconvenience, but i will forward your suggestion to the concerned department
Ken07:28:08 am
OK. So ABC for the NBA games. What about max security?
Albert07:28:44 am
For max security you may choose purpose maximum anonymity
Ken07:28:56 am
What server?
Albert07:29:20 am
You may choose any server and software will automatically take you to the best encryption
Ken07:29:45 am
For ABC, what protocol?
Albert07:30:40 am
you may choose same L2TP protocol, it will provide you 256 bit encryption
Ken07:30:53 am
When would I use PPTP?
Albert07:31:48 am
Sir, you may choose PPTP protocol anytime
PPTP provides security upto 128 bit
Ken07:32:24 am
What is TV Watching - USA?
Albert07:32:36 am
Sir, that will let you access streaming usa websites
Ken07:32:41 am
Are all these purposes defines someplace?
Albert07:32:46 am
Ken07:32:58 am
Albert07:33:47 am
Sir, if you will choose TV watching USA, it will connect you to the USA server
Ken07:34:10 am
No, where are all the definitions?
Albert07:34:55 am
Sir, it is defined on our server end
Ken07:35:31 am
Albert07:35:57 am
Sir unfortunately we dont have link for that
Ken07:36:29 am
I suggest that you make that info available to subscribers.
Albert07:37:04 am
Sure, we will do this , i will forward your suggestions to the concerned department
Ken07:38:17 am
OK. I'll try your recommendations. Eventually, I want my Andriod 5 tablet to use purevpn but I do not have time for that now. Thanks, Albert.
Duration: 24m 11s

purevpn log: Maximum Anonymity/Security/Privacy

Purpose: Maximum Anonymity/Security/Privacy

Protocol: Automatic

Connect to the fastest server around the world.

Windows 7

purevpn program:

Bottom of screen: "Support & Packages", Support tab: that's where the log is.

03/12/2015 07:48:31 Connected to with PPTP Protocol

Web Protection: Inactive

Connection still active after 45 minutes.  Let's see how long it lasts.

Not long.  Connection failed at 9:00.  One hour and twelve minutes.  Better than some days.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

purevpn - reconnected with max security but NOT web protected.


Protocol: Automatic

Purpose: Maximum Anonymity/Security

Prefered country: Canada (USA not an option)

Web Protection: Inactive

In red.  The purevpn Windows program states in red that my web protection is inactive.  This is immediately after and continuing after I connected with its max security.  What the heck is that?

The connection is up six minutes as I post this.  Bye.