Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lionel model trains: problems with lights in cars continue. And TWO new locomotives fried.

Jerry Calabrese, President and CEO of Lionel received this January 3, 2014.  His e-mail:

Since the post below:

1. The locomotive in the subway train set fried.

2. The locomotive in the steam train set fried.

The Lionel authorized repair/dealer replaced my entire subway set.  Within days the lights on two cars went out.

That same Lionel authorized repair/dealer repaired the light in the steam locomotive.  Within five minutes of running it at home, it fried.  I sent it to Lionel for repair/replacement.  Lionel received it last Friday, Dec. 27, 2013.  No word.

to: ken
date: Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 11:06 AM
subject: Lionel Warranty Return RA nnnnnnn has been Received

Warrantable Item(s): Product 1 7-12000 New York Yankees™ Berkshire Steam Set Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be of service. We appreciate your interest in Lionel Trains. Sincerely, Lionel Customer Service (586) 949-4100 Ext. 9105

Even if Lionel sends me a new steam locomotive how long will it last?  And what do I do with the dark subway cars?  It takes a Lionel authorized repair person to change the light bulb. What the heck kind of design is that?

Lionel must have used a very bad company in China making these sets, which are being marketed with Major League Baseball (MLB).

MONDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2013 Lionel model trains: problems with lights in cars.

I have four separate loops, each with its own Lionel transformer.

bought in the summer ... On the subway train all three cars have lost their lights after only three months.

Something is wrong with the Yankee subway train set and also in the locomotive on the Yankee steam train. I sent a separate message on that, which I bought at the same time, only three months ago. 

I'm very disappointed in Lionel.

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