Friday, May 29, 2009

Verizon Mobile Broadband MiFi

I have been using the MiFi2200 wireless modem/WiFi router for about a week.  Very nice.  It's really small.  So far the only negative is that it gets warm to the touch.

Speed is about the same as Verizon FIOS, which never impressed me.  I have been packing the MiFi2200 into a fanny pack along with my Skype WiFi phone and five year old Palm TX, which has WiFi and provides connectivity to the web.  That's more than I want to lug, especially since I still need to carry my three year old Palm Treo 700P for Verizon Wireless voice service.

The ideal would be to have one phone/web device plus the MiFi2200 for use with my 2.2 pound Acer netbook.  However, I do not yet have enough confidence in Skype that I am willing to cancel my main voice service, which includes call waiting and easy access to voice mail.  When Apple introduces the third iPhone maybe I'll consider buying a used iPhone two since it runs a Skype app that only works with WiFi and not with the ATT Wireless network, which is inferior to the Verizon Wireless network.

The real rub is price.  I could save $5 per month if I cancelled my Verizon FIOS Internet service at home and also cancel Verizon Wireless voice service, replacing them with the 5 gig $60 ($75 including tax and tip) but I'm relectant to rely on Skype and to rely on that little MiFi2200 for ALL connectivity, including voice.

I will probably keep the Verizon Mobile Broadband MiFi service at the new 250 meg rate for $40 ($50 including tax and tip) and add it to my other services for an increase of $50 per month.  Simply cancelling Verizon FIOS Internet ($45, NO tax) does not make sense because I would lose $15 off the Verizon flex bundle for Verizon FIOS video ($40, plus $8 tax), Internet ($45) and Verizon Wireless voice service ($40, plus $10 tax).  

If I replace FIOS Internet with Verizon Mobile Broadband:

Save $45 FIOS Internet
Lose $15 flex bundle discount
Pay $75 Verizon Mobile Broadband MiFi

Net increase of $45.  If I also cancelled Verizon Wireless voice service ($50) I'd save $5 per month, lose some voice functionality but increase Internet mobility.

Since getting Verizon Mobile Broadband MiFi May 18 I have mentioned to multiple Verizon people that Verizon needs to bundle its three Internet services (FIOS, Mobile Broadband, data on smart phones) and offer discounts.

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