Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chromebook: yes!

I pre-ordered the Samsung Series 5 3G version of the Chromebook today.  I've been waiting for the google OS for a while.

I've read the unimaginative and repetitive comments like:

So, what are you going to do without Internet?

No internet = brick

I cannot remember the last time I used my PC without the Internet.  Probably years.  And years since I used a PC program other than the browser and notepad (for copy and paste).  Oh, and Microsoft Security Essentials, which I won't miss.

In recent years I have created ALL my files using free google docs.  Programs run from the google servers and my files are stored on the google servers.  No backup issues.  No sync issues.  That Apple announcement the other day about its cloud service to sync among the many over-priced Apple products was pathetic: late, meaningless, old tech.

Yes, I could continue to do cloud computing with a "real" PC.  Why should  I?  Why continue to use a bloated OS with legacy issues up the wazoo.  Let's see how well google does it.

I'm sure about the cloud computing model.  I'm not sure about this particular implementation but I'm willing to try it. I hope much bigger PCs are introduced with Chrome OS. How about a 17 inch laptop or 21 inch one piece desktop?

I think this will catch on much more quickly than many pundits think.  They are comparing Chromebooks to laptops.  Try comparing Chromebooks to tablets, which sell for about the same as Chromebooks but are not as functional or practical.  Media types missed the boat on tablets and will miss another boat on Chromebooks.

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