Monday, August 1, 2011

Virgin Mobile is run by clowns and/or 15 year olds.

I tried the Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph Android smart phone using WiFi.  I had read about 5 reviews, two of which stated that the screen was sometimes not responsive.  I have noticed the same thing.  My Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid Android smart phone also has that problem and the right side of the portrait touch keypad has become unusable.  Maybe Mobile has a problem.  Maybe all phones do.

Even though both my Motorola Android phones are running the same version of the Android operating system with no extra shell the settings are only about 80% the same.  This came as a surprise.

I finally decided to try the Sprint network via Virgin Mobile.  The Motorola Triumph has an app to activate service.  I tried it several times and it could not connect to the network.

I went to the Virgin Mobile web site and filled in all the info to activate, including credit card to make monthly payments.  I was assigned a phone number and instructed to turn on the phone to complete activation.  Again it failed to connect to the network.

I called Virgin Mobile and managed to plow through its awful call prompting system.  I was told that Virgin Mobile could only access my account with my secret PIN.  I refused to provide it.  I then said just cancel my account.  My PIN was required to access my account in order to cancel it. I asked to speak to a supervisor who told me all this same nonsense.

The supervisor said that the problem was that my credit card did not "top off" my Virgin Mobile account.  This is further confirmation that Virgin Mobile has a corporate culture geared to old ladies and criminals who do not want to pay a fixed monthly fee.

The supervisor asked for my permission to again attempt to charge my credit card.  I agreed just to see what would happen.  The supervisor said it failed again and that she would refer it to another group that would take 24-72 hours to resolve the matter.  She provided a reference number which I was required to write down because Virgin Mobile would not send it by e-mail.  She told me to call Virgin Mobile in a couple of days to find out what happened.

Maybe Virgin Mobile was designed by high school kids who saw how their parents did stuff like this but never really did it themselves and only got it partly right.  What a joke.

Apparently Sprint does not give Virgin Mobile direct access to its billing system.  That's probably why Virgin Mobile needs a customer's individual PIN to access the customer's account.  Virgin Mobile is accessing it as though Virgin Mobile was the customer.  Obviously this is a huge security breach.

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