Monday, July 25, 2011

Ordered Motorola Triumph from Virgin Mobile.

From the Virgin Mobile web site:

How it works:

First, buy the phone you want. 
Then, relax for a few days (or obsessively check the tracking info), while your phone is shipped to you.

When your phone arrives, hug the mailman, bust open the packaging and run through the streets cheering. After that, you should come back here to activate your phone, add money to your account, and at that point you'll set-up your customized talk/text/mobile web plan.

Virgin Mobile is still in the mode of dealing with old folks and criminals even with it's first real entry into mainstream smartphone competition.  At least I didn't have to jeopardize my current Verizon Wireless phone number and I can check out the Motorola Triumph Android phone.  It should be able to connect to the web via WiFi.


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