Saturday, November 12, 2011

HP makes returning a PC as difficult as possible

Hewlett and Packard, the founders, must be turning over in their graves.  I sent six e-mail messages to HP requesting a Return Authorization Number and never received one.  All I got was a run around.  Finally I called and got one, which must be used within five days including weekends, holidays and natural disasters.  The 21 day return policy applies only to requesting.  I dropped it off at FedEx this morning.  Let's see how long HP holds on to my money after receiving their PC.

One of the obfuscation responses that HP sent tired to pay me a $30 bribe to keep the PC, which I had tried to cancel before HP had shipped it.  HP insisted that shipment could not be stopped and even expedited shipment in an attempt to placate me after I learned that HP has the very unusual policy of charging on the order date, not the ship date as other companies do.

Shame on HP.  I'm very disappointed.

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