Monday, December 26, 2011

Amazon sucks!

Feedback to Amazon on my just completed phone conversation with Amazon:

Amazon invaded my home and deleted a book from my Kindle Fire without any notice.  I will never buy from Amazon again and will post this on my blog.

If I borrow a paper book from a real library and it's overdue, the library does not come into my home and remove the book.  Amazon did exactly that without any warning or notice.  The Amazon person told me that even if I had its Prime service the free book from the Amazon lending library would have been removed from MY device without notice after one month.  I guess I could get it back but good luck finding the last page read.

Am I the only one outraged about this unwarranted invasion of my privacy?  I am not a big privacy person and think we need fewer secrets, not more, but I really resent Amazon thinking it has the right to remove something from MY property, especially without common sense, good business practice notice.

Jeff Bezos, wake the heck up!

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