Monday, March 12, 2012

Khan Academy: phony or unprepared?

This guy was profiled yesterday on 60 Minutes:;cbsCarousel

I tried a few exercises a year ago and found the guy insufferable with his unsteady hand, sloppy handwriting and most of all his halting, do-over style, which suggested primarily that he was faking it to seem real or he was truly unprepared.  Maybe kids aren't put off.  I'll probably try again.  Maybe the one about hitting a home run in Fenway Park (cannot find now), which I could not finish because it was so excruciatingly drawn out.

I like the idea of freeing people from the educational institutions and providing alternatives, especially for those who otherwise would not have access.  I'm just not ready to say this is the best way.  Maybe now that Khan has others working with him the product will get cleaned up.

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