Saturday, October 13, 2012

Verizon returns: always aggravating.

Verizon sent me two Home Monitoring kits.  I've been trying for two weeks to return one.  Twice I was verbally told that an e-mail with a return label was being sent.  Never got it.

I just sent this to Verizon in response an e-mail message informing me that Verizon has an account with UPS and all I need to do is bring the package to UPS.  That's it.  No other information.  Here is my message:

1. Increase font size in your e-mail messages unless you do not want them read.

Bad request
Your browser sent a query this server could not understand.

I got that when I clicked your stores link in the Chrome browser.  In IE I did a nationwide search and found no store near me.  Didn't you know that?

3. I'll try UPS Monday.  I recently returned stuff to Verizon with a shipping label, got confirmation of delivery from UPS, then a paper letter from Verizon demanding that same equipment or else I would be charged an exorbitant amount.

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