Monday, March 18, 2013

Major Tom to ground control from Raspberry Pi.

This is an actual message from Raspberry Pi.  The geniuses working on this version of Linux omitted: in the default browser:CTL-C (copy), CTL-V (insert), double click a word, spell check a word with right click; System Settings, Internet status, ...

It does not appear to work with my D-Link Ethernet Switch (splitter), the first device that has not worked with mine.

Do not rely on for enough info to configure it on initial boot up. has something very good by John Browning posted Sep 4, 2012.  Read the entire thing first then go through it carefully when you're ready for liftoff.

The default browser does not explicitly tell you that you are not connected to the Internet.  The first Model (A) did not have an Ethernet port so I'm guessing any connectivity was an afterthought and it shows.

Still, it is working.  HDMI to my monitor, which is more than my Windows7 laptop can achieve.  Logitech Wireless Combo MK520 mouse and keyboard with USB dongle worked fine.  No drivers or other installation junk for anything.

SLOW.  Browsing is slow.  Typing online is slow.  I cannot see using this as a computer.  Makes me appreciate my Samsung Chromebook.  Thank you, Google.

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