Monday, March 18, 2013

Raspberry Pi

Ordered Feb. 1, 2013 from

Qty.Stock#Mfr. Part #Cust. Part #Price (USD)Total (USD)
170229569RASPBERRY PI MODEL B$35.000$35.00
 Computer; OpenFrame; 700Mhz; 512Mb RAM; 85.6x53.98x17mm; Raspberry Series
 Ship Method:   USPS Standard Mail / Parcel Post
 SD Card; Flash Memory; 4GB; Class 4
 Ship Method:   USPS Standard Mail / Parcel Post
 Power Supply; AC-DC; 5V@1A; 90-264V In; Enclosed; Wall Plug; USB; Switching; GS Series

Received a month later.  Still have not powered it up.

I think I loaded the Raspberry Pi Linux onto an 8G SD card that I already had but I won't know until I can power up later using the micro USB plug that I just discovered on the Pi.

I had read about a see through case that actually fit the Raspberry Pi but this supplier does not seem to have anything specific to the Raspberry Pi.  Why sell it without something that pretty much everybody will need?  Saw a photo of Leggos being used the hold the Pi, if not actually enclose it.

Wish me luck.

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