Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lionel locomotive fried ... again.

This link is for all my posts on problems with Lionel model trains:

It's official: my powered Lionel Yankee subway car (locomotive) is fried.  Its symptoms were the same as its predecessor: lights lit but the train did not move.  I finally took it out of the closet recently and today took it to a local hobby shop to determine if there was a simple fix.  They put it on a test track and eventually we could smell it heating up and we switched off the power.  At least now I know it's not worth trying to fix or replace.  The replacement would be the same low quality.

What surprised me was the vehemence of the three repair men.  They were adamant that even though my train was way past its warranty I should still complain to Lionel and insist that this had ruined my Christmas.  I told them I wouldn't but they insisted ... repeatedly.  Instead I'm writing this post.

They described in detail the poor service and products that Lionel had.  They described Lionel as arrogant.  They said to call Lionel Monday.  I told them that the workers will be on vacation for the holidays.  They said that was a ruse to avoid all the outraged customers who would be disappointed in their Lionel products.  They said that the workers are there but that they are hiding.

I thought that it was quaint that the company let their employees enjoy the holidays at home.  I still do.  But those pros in the hobby shop do not believe it.

There was a lot more, including their urging me to ask Lionel why their products worked when they were made in the USA, not in China.  They were outraged on my behalf.

Tomorrow there's a Toy and Train show here in White Plains.  I'll probably drop by.  I usually do.

P.S. In the last year I've gotten into Kato N scale trains and especially like their double track product.  I have two double tracks with four trains running simultaneously.  Very cool.

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