Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Texting: primitive form of writing on phones designed by geniuses to be used by idiots.

Rant I just sent to a friend:

I cannot tell you how much I hate texting. I noticed that you sent a video that way. It went to my mobile number. Had it at least gone to my Google Voice number I would have had access to it on all my devices, not just the mobile phone.

Please send the link via email. Thanks.

Someone else called me today using a different number than previously. It's impossible for me to send her a text message to that new number. The crappy little programs provided for texting are so deficient I could not find a way.

My theory is that texting comes from early use of mobile phones by 14 year old girls. Those flip phones had limited online access and functionality but that was all that they knew. And email seemed to old fashion, as in for employed people.

So now you have idiots using $650 iPhones as if they were $25 pagers from 1985. They don't even need the data packages they're paying big bucks for. And doing it while driving.

Smart phones designed by geniuses to be used by the aforementioned idiots.

Rant over.

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