Friday, June 8, 2012

Superfocus order shipped; fitting recommended.

The Superfocus e-mail contained this:

We know that you will be eager to try your Superfocus glasses once the package arrives. However, we strongly encourage you to take your Superfocus glasses to a local optometrist/optician for proper fitting. You can use the Fitting Certificate that has been included with your Superfocus glasses and we will pay the optometrist/optician for the fitting, directly. A custom fitting is the best way to enjoy maximum comfort while minimizing the risk of Superfocus damage due to improper adjustment.

This was not mentioned in the detailed comments made recently here by "villager".

I'll probably ask my optometrist (probably an optician will actually do it).  It's a bit awkward since I ordered the glasses directly from Superfocus.  In the fall of 2011 I stopped by and asked the opticians whether Superfocus was supported and they had never heard of it.  Neither had my ophthalmologist retina specialist who examined my eyes a couple of weeks ago but who does not provide prescriptions.

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Villager said...

I got the same spiel. I've been wearing glasses for nearly thirty years and I know very well how to adjust the nose pads and temple pieces for a good fit. Better than some optician paid by the hour to sell expensive frames. The only thing about the temple pieces is to warm them up to about boiling temperature and they will easily bend any way you want them. At opticians they keep some warm sand around and stick the back end of the temple piece into it to warm it up. I used my SMD hot air rework station since it has precisely controlled temperature down to 100 degrees C.

One of the positive aspects of the Superfocus frames is that they do have a good nose piece design - it will allow a wide latitude of adjustment and the pads can be adjusted to fit deep into the nose. I found them to be very comfortable to wear.

You'll notice that I did not criticize the appearance of the glasses. I have a long face and I really liked their appearance - I think they may look OK on you too. They definitely look awful on round pudgy faces.

Good luck. In spite of them not being right for me they may meet your needs. Just remember that if those back lenses rupture after a year you'll be relying on the kindness of strangers to get them repaired.