Wednesday, June 6, 2012

emPower!: next up if Superfocus flops.

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Villager said...

I looked at these too but they didn't excite me. As I understand it, they are basically electronically switched bifocals. While it's nice to have a full field of view at the higher add, it's really not much better than an executive style bifocal and, I'm sure, oodles more expensive. The details are pretty thin. Does it utilize a two lens approach like Superfocus or does the switching lens have to be ground to a custom prescription? If so they changes to the prescription are liable to be very expensive.

And I really don't see myself liking the need to have a free hand available to switch from one view to the other. Furthermore, the intermediate to long view isn't going to be exactly right for 24 to 36 inches.

I just don't think there's a technological "magic bullet" out there for me. I was thinking of having a Crystalens implant but found that two unrelated opthamologists were very reluctant to consider the procedure. One refused outright. I think they probably realized that I was just trouble on a stick - that Crystalens couldn't provide the level of accomodation and acuity I was hoping for. They're savvy enough to not want an unhappy patient.

Even with an implant there's considerable risk that the focusing muscles have atrophied over the years and there will be little to no improvement.

I think I'm just going to "age" and put up with glasses and deteriorating vision - accept that there's no Ponce de Leon fountain of youth out there. My accomodation has been totally gone for years so the situation isn't going to get worse.

I'll just suck it up and save some money.