Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Superfocus glasses will be returned.

As soon as Superfocus e-mails the return label, which was promised a couple of hours ago.

1. Ugly.  Much more so than I anticipated.

2. Functionality was more limited than expected.

Combined those things made the decision easy for me.  Superfocus may be OK for some but not for me.


Villager said...

I'd like to hear a little more about the "limited functionality." Superfocus gets rave reviews and I think it's a public service to point out the issues given the price. The order numbers are well into the five thousands but I'd love to know what percentage of those orders got returned.

Phillip Williams said...

I return mine because they did not work properly. I wore them about 1 hour total time. they claim I damaged them beyond repair ,not so they were sent to me this way . Now I owe them. I would not recommend trying them. This will now cost me about 185.00. So look out for that full refund coming back, it may not happen.

yojimbo said...

Hold up there, pardner, why?

Okay, ugly I can understand.

But functionality... in what way? The functions you want may not match the ones I want. You did not confirm nor deny Villager's claims, or even agree/disagree.

Were they comfortable, or not?

How well did they fit?

Were they sharp, blurry?

Was the focal area too narrow?

Did the slider move smoothly?

Any leaks?

How did they work for iPad/TV watching?

How did they work when sitting at a desktop?

Did you look at bright light sources and find the issues Villager noted?

This is my disappointed face. ;-(

Kenneth Matinale said...

I had the Superfocus glasses only one day and that was months ago but I'll try to answer your questions.

Functionality: switching modes. It was much more difficult to move the slider that I had anticipated, usually requiring two hands. Distance was nor simply sliding all te way to one side. I had to play with it each time I wanted distance. Then I had to play with it each time I wanted reading.

I could get them focused but it took too much time. I often do multiple things: PC and TV; prepare meal and TV. That sort of thing. I had anticipated a problem dealing with those situations but it was much more cumbersome that I had imagined.

The slider movement is not smooth. No leaks. Did not look at bright lights.

Fit OK, comfortable, but ugly beyond belief. Good luck.