Friday, August 3, 2012

Google Play Nexus phone number: 855-836-3987

Currently on hold while Google person is checking with a supervisor about what the heck happened to my June 28 order.  See previous post.

... Google has no idea!  I guess Google is not ready to take over the universe.

I asked for some consideration for my frustration and inconvenience: $25 ($50 would be nice) to my alleged Google Wallet account.  Google refused.  Just flat out refused ... under the guise that it cannot.  I pointed out that it can, as Google had in an unsolicited e-mail message it sent to me June 26, 2012 for stuff I did not want:

Get $25 with Google Wallet

It’s time to start using your Google Wallet™ because now, for a limited time only, you’ll get $25 free when you activate Google Wallet and the Google Prepaid Card on the:

LG Viper™ 4G LTE from Sprint
LG Optimus Elite™ from Sprint
LG Optimus Elite from Virgin Mobile

The point is that Google could have given me a credit but declined.

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cogwastreamer said...

How long was the terms and conditions good for? The rep you spoke to may or may not work for google and may or may not have the ability or authorization to perform the credit.

Too many assumptions here just to get something free.