Friday, August 17, 2012

Verizon Wireless Share Everything plan includes driver's license ID and Social Security number.

I tried the Verizon Wireless Share Everything plan today with the intent of adding the Jetpack MiFi device to share data with my smart phone.  After the typical Verizon aggravation with the worst website in the galaxy I got my plan changed.  Tonight I tried to buy the Jetpack.  Again the usual Verizon junk including the outrageous $35 activation fee.  I was even willing to swallow that but I balked at the final cryptic form when Verizon insisted that I provide my driver's license ID, Social Security number and birth date.  What?

I did an online chat and asked the Verizon person why Verizon needed that info when I was a long time Verizon customer and was billing everything to my existing account.  The reply was some junk about identifying me.  I pointed out that I had logged in to my Verizon account, which was enough to let me change my billing plan but not add a new device.

Wow.  It's 2012 and it never occurred to me that Verizon would still be screwing up this much.  Now I'm trying to cancel that stupid Share Everything plan.  No sign that I can do that on the website.  Another call to Verizon.  Oh, the humanity!

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