Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lionel model trains: problems with lights in cars continue. And TWO new locomotives fried.  THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 2014

Jerry Calabrese, President and CEO of Lionel received this January 3, 2014.  His e-mail:

Since the post below:

1. The locomotive in the subway train set fried...

Lionel must have used a very bad company in China making these sets, which are being marketed with Major League Baseball (MLB)...

I'm very disappointed in Lionel.

The new subway loco developed the same symptoms as the original, except I did not increase the throttle power too much, so it did not fry, just slowed down and stopped.  Fortunately, the failure was well before the one year warranty expires in July.  I shipped it back and it's due to arrive this afternoon.  I paid $13.96 to ship.

Here is the problem set:

71-2016-250 (2/3) 7-12016 M-7 Commuter Train (New York Yankees™/ New York Mets™ Subway Series™ Set)

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