Monday, June 15, 2009

My way or the highway: tyranny by the wireless companies.

My one month trail period for Verizon Wireless MiFi mobile broadband service expires in a couple of days. Performance is good, although I've had an annoying inability to know when the MiFi mobile broadband modem/router is connected to the Internet.

Apple is introducing it's third version of its iPhone a day AFTER I must decide about the Verizon MiFi. If I can get the current iPhone for $100 WITHOUT a service contract with ATT Wireless I can use it with my little MiFi modem/router and a Skype iPhone app and have the best of both worlds: iPhone on the Verizon Wireless network.

Unfortunately, I would still need to carry my Palm Treo 700P to make the more reliable voice calls; don't trust Skye enough to fly it solo. My three year old service voice only plan with Verizon Wireless for my Palm Treo 700P smartphone is one of the few that does not require that the customer pay not just for voice service but also for data, i.e., Internet access. I can even ask Verizon Wireless to turn its Internet service on and off any time, although I must speak to someone at Verizon Wireless; I cannot do it online. Once I change my Verizon Wireless service plan there is no going back. That plan was retired long ago.

Even if I buy a new iPhone, Blackberry, G1, whatever, ... and pay some outrageous amount for the smartphone without a service contract, Verizon Wireless and ATT Wireless (probably the others, too) insist that I may not get voice service only but must pay an additional minimum of $30 (plus 25% tax and tip) per month for Internet service even though I prefer to get access to the Internet by using the WiFi built into the smartphone connected to my Verizon Wireless MiFi mobile broadband modem/router.

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