Monday, June 15, 2009

Technical Difficlties

My Internet radio program was messed up. I'm not sure how but one possibility is stupid Norton Internet Security. When I started my PC I purposely started that stupid LiveUpdate that seems to give no indication that it is running and no way to end it.

LiveUpdate ran and finished. I checked the Norton Internet Security program.

About 45 minutes later I had lots of problems: crashed, my Skype call ended. Later I noticed that LiveUpdate had ended two minutes before. The stupid thing must have started again. It probably did not crash blogtalkradio but it didn't help with Skype, which had terrible audio quality.

Another possible culprit was Verizon Wireless mobile broadband MiFi modem/router. This was the first time I tried it for an Internet radio program. It never crashed but it may have caused or contributed to the problems.

Most likely cause: crashed on its own. I had two tabs open to it, one for my dashboard to run the program, another to monitor my page there. Both crashed.

Technology's great except when it sucks.

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