Saturday, April 28, 2012

NetZero capitulates!

I just received an e-mail indicating another credit from NetZero for $55, which added to the $65 already refunded.  Yesterday I spoke to my bank, Bank of America, which offered to pay me the outrageous $35 re-stocking fee that NetZero had charged.  I'd given up tying to recover the comparably outrageous $20 shipping charge, which precipitated my cancelling my order for the NetZero 4G hotspot device priced at $100.  All numbers rounded.

Bank of America offered to pay me the $35 if it could not get NetZero to be reasonable.  I declined.

NetZero not only ponied up the $35 for re-stocking but also the $20 for shipping.  However, I do not give NetZero any credit.

1. I am still out the $11 I paid to UPS to return the unwanted item.  How come it cost me $11 and NetZero wanted $20 for the same thing?  And you'd thnk that NetZero would have a quantity discount with its shipper.  This suggests that NetZero was pocketing most of that money.

2. I spent a lot of time for which I was not compensated.

3. My aggravation factor was off the charts.  NetZero has bad business practices and capitulated only after extraordinary efforts.  Too bad.  NetZero once seemed a legitimate company, maybe even one trying to "do no evil".  What happened?

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