Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chromebook probably going back.

Verizon FIOS support got my wireless router working.  Good job.

However, I could not get the 3G account.  I called Verizon Wireless again and this guy did as much as could be expected.  Result: my Samsung Chromebook is not in a database.  That's why I could not get the 3G service.

MASSIVE disconnect among Google, Samsung and Verizon Wireless.  The Verizon Wireless guy sent messages on my behalf to Google and even included the fact that I had to load the OS.  The Verizon Wireless guy will monitor but advised me that unless my Samsung Chromebook gets into that database I will not get the 3G service and that I should return the Samsung Chromebook.

Amazing!  You can't make this up.

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