Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Samsung Chromebook returned.

I'm really disappointed in google.  How difficult can it be for a world class techie company to create a stripped down operating system (OS)?  All the damn thing had to do was connect to the Internet efficiently.

Instead it took longer and longer to fetch e-mail: 2-3 minutes.

Interrupted itself with of all colors a blue background and that adolescent pseudo techie language that tells you nothing except the pizza boxes and soda cans must be piling up in googleland creating massive cases of acid reflux in the miscreants who failed on the ChromeOS project.

The irony is that google's mobile OS, Android, works well and does 100 times more stuff.

All google had to was create a simple OS.  It failed.  I felt more and more foolish hoping that I could keep my  Samsung Chromebook.  I couldn't.  Too bad.  It was a nice piece of hardware but the OS sucked.

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