Sunday, July 3, 2011

Talking to Samsung about Chromebook.

Samsung never heard about the 3G problem but has an open ticket because I called July 1 because my PC arrived with no OS.  Samsung did nothing about that and it's been two days.

A Samsung supervisor is being consulted ... I'm waiting ...

I'm using Google Phone to make this call on my Samsung Chromebook while I write this post.  Cool.

The rep came back and said I had to talk to a Samsung cell phone person because it's a carrier (Verizon) issue.  The transfer resulted in a voice message stating that they are closed and that I should use live chat online.  I had already checked that ... it's closed, too.

I had also tried to send a-mail through a Samsung online form but the drop down for the model is frozen: nothing drops down even though I had selected the preceding info.

You can't make up stuff like this.

Samsung apparently never got the word from Verizon.  I spoke to Verizon last night but Verizon only communicated with Google.

From the play 1776:
Is anybody there?
Does anybody care?

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