Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chromebook unchained.

My Samsung Chromebook won't connect to my Verizon FIOS wireless router, which works fine with both my Dell WindowsXP laptop and my Motorola Droid.  Another reason that it should have an Ethernet port.  How much can that cost?  Samsung could not have excluded it for weight considerations.  Considering it's dimensions the damn thing must be made of lead.  It's heavy.

A friend loaned me a Verizon Wireless MiFi hotspot device.  I connected the Samsung Chromebook to it via WiFi and then to the Internet.  It worked well.  However, I did not want to use up too much of my friend's transmission bytes.

I breached Chromebook security and found the Settings under the menu and found an application for the two years of free 100M per month Verizon Wireless 3G service. The only way you can get the free service is to open an account and supply a credit card so that Verizon Wireless can charge for exceeding the limit.  Verizon Wireless does not even have the sense to ask if you are an existing customer.  You must open another account.

I filled out the application and submitted it  It was rejected without reason and I was told to call Verizon Wireless, which I did.  I switched off my friend's MiFi hotspot device.  The Verizon guy who finally answered told me to fill out the form again.  I explained that I did not have an Internet connection and that was why I wanted the 3G service.  He insisted.  The guy wouldn't open the account by phone.  You can't make up stuff like this.

In fact the real problem that media reviewers miss is that the Chromebook requires an Internet connection to do ANYTHING, not just work.  I cannot find help on the Chromebook itself. There are no definitions for options in Settings.  What the heck are some of those things?

If my Chromebook won't work with my Verizon FIOS wireless router it's going back.  After having to load the OS myself I should send a bill to both Google and Samsung.

Those snotty reviewers who wrote that the Chromebook is something for their mothers should actually try that.  Give a Chromebook to your mother and see if she can do what Google says in its insert: "Plug in the power.  Open the lid.  And you're all set."  Good luck with that.

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