Monday, November 12, 2012

Filed complaint with NY AG against UPS.

New York State Attorney General received this complaint from me at its website for misconduct associated with Hurricane Sandy:

I ordered product from Google with two day delivery.  Google chose UPS as its shipping agent.  My package was placed on a UPS truck at the UPS facility in Maspeth, NY in New York City 11/9/12.  Package was not delivered and despite multiple calls to UPS by me and one call by Google to UPS the only explanation  received is "Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control.".

Hurricane Sandy hit New York Oct. 29.  There was a storm on 11/7 when UPS first tried to deliver but weather has been fine since.  That's FIVE days and UPS gives no indication that it will deliver my package.

UPS should be fined and I should be re-paid the shipping charge.

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