Saturday, November 10, 2012

UPS won't tell Google where my package is. What!?

No hint that UPS intends to deliver the package that it first loaded onto one of its trucks for final delivery at 4:39 AM Nov. 7, three days ago, from the UPS facility in Maspeth, NY, which is maybe five miles from the delivery location.  Both are in the New York City borough of Queens.  In NYC a borough is basically a county.

I called UPS about 30 minutes ago and waded through the usual junk and finally spoke to a human being who was very nice but not helpful.  All I heard was the company line that "emergency conditions" were preventing delivery.  At least UPS did not use the Hurricane Sandy phrase that Google Play clings to.

I then spoke to another person, this one working at Google Play.  After describing the situation I received loads of empathy and an offer to call UPS.  OK.  After waiting a while and listening to classical music I was informed that UPS was no more forthcoming with Google that it has been with me.

Wow!  What arrogance!  UPS stiffs the shipping company, and a big company at that.  Now I don't feel quite as bad.  If UPS can treat Google like dirt, no wonder it is treating me like dirt.

So here's a compact timeline to highlight the incompetence of UPS.

Oct. 29 Hurricane (downgraded to a tropical storm) Sandy hits the New York area.
Nov. 3 I order from Google Play.
Nov. 5 Google ships.
Nov. 7 4:39 AM UPS puts the Google package that I ordered onto a UPS truck for delivery that day but does not deliver.  There was bad weather that afternoon and I'm willing to give UPS a pass on that.

It is now almost 9:00 AM Nov. 10.

1. Where is my package?
2. When will it be delivered?
3. Is it lost?
4. Is it still in the same UPS location from which it was loaded onto a truck on Nov. 7?

I asked UPS some pointed questions including:
1. Was there damage to the UPS facility in Maspeth, NY?  No
2. Did the UPS facility in Maspeth, NY have power?  Yes.
3. Were trucks driving out and delivering packages from the UPS facility in Maspeth, NY.  Yes.
4. Why wasn't my package on one of those trucks?  Don't know.

UPS refused to put a trace on it.  I asked if UPS would trace the package if Google requested it.  UPS said no.

I was charged for shipping. I am the customer, of both Google, for its product, and for UPS for its shipping service.

UPS should at least give me a credit for the shipping charge.  What do you think the chances are?


Pissed said...

I suspect the current gasoline shortage is part of the reason but they are not being honest about it. I received packages in a timely manner in the days immediately following the hurricane, but now my package is held hostage. No estimated delivery date, and not available for me to pick up from the Maspeth facility.
It is an unforgivable display of service incompetence.

Kenneth Matinale said...

"gasoline shortage" as in UPS cannot receive gasoline at its facilities? UPS does not fill up at gas stations but receives gasoline directly. Or "gasoline shortage" as in UPS refuses to pay the higher price for gasoline?

Either way, that's not acceptable for a shipping company. UPS should call a cab and get the package delivered that way.

Pissed said...

Agreed that this is completely unacceptable. I used the live chat today, and told them if they cannot deliver my package, that I will pick it up. The person said that they are backlogged with thousands of packages because of the hurricane and snowstorm (6 inches?!!?), so pickup is not an option. UPS is holding our packages hostage, and it is despicable. The funny thing is, packages I ordered just before the hurricane arrived just after the hurricane, with minimal delay.