Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ultimately Google backed me against the evil UPS.

Google came through, although for perspective if Google had not jerked me around with three completely unnecessary order/cancel cycles my order would have shipped one day earlier and missed the second storm to hit New York and probably been delivered one day before that ill fated day when UPS decided to transform from a reliable service provider to a practitioner of evil.

What did the trick was Google actually speaking to UPS.  Saturday I made yet another attempt to communicate with UPS.  Remember, UPS had put my package on a UPS truck in Maspeth in Queens county, NY for its delivery to its final destination.  A snow storm hit and apparently my package was returned to the UPS facility in Maspeth and into a UPS black hole from which it never emerged.

My suspicion is that UPS had reduced service because of the higher prices for gasoline in New York after the storms and was only delivering to high density locations, not to private houses in more suburban parts of the city.

I spoke to UPS Saturday morning and got the usual run around.  Then I called Google and the Google person volunteered to place me on hold and call UPS.  I said OK.  After about five minutes, Google returned with the same exasperating reaction that I had for days: disbelief that UPS could suck this much.  Google suggested that I give it another day, Monday.  I agreed.

Monday there was no update from UPS, so my package had still not been loaded onto a UPS truck for delivery.  I contacted Google and asked that our plan be implemented.  Google would tell UPS that my package had been addressed incorrectly and that Google was recalling it.  If I had simply cancelled my order the procedure is for UPS to deliver and I am responsible for returning the package to the shipper, Google.

Yesterday I received confirmation from Google that I will be reimbursed.

Thank you Google.  Shame on you UPS.

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