Thursday, March 12, 2015

purevpn live chat transcript on connection options.

Name: Ken
Registration E-mail / E-mail: KEN
Are you Existing Customer Yes
Country / Location: USA
AlbertThu, 03/12/15 07:14:28 am America/Los_Angeles
Hello Ken. How may I help you?
Ken07:15:46 am
You had sent me protocols. I'm connected with L2TP.
Albert07:16:32 am
Okay great
Ken07:16:38 am
Please open PureVPN SoftwareClick on Protocol and select Protocol as L2TP Click on Personalize selection and click on browse all serversScroll it down In Dedicated IP Subscriber Box please type server address In Preshared Secret please type 12345678 and click on connect
Albert07:16:50 am
Thats great. now please open website
and let me what IP address and location you are getting
Ken07:18:02 am
Your IP Address Is: No Proxy DetectedCity: Los AngelesState/Region: CaliforniaCountry: Us - us flagPostal Code: 90001Time Zone: ETC -08:00ISP: Hugeserver Networks Llc Latitude: 34.052230834961 Longitude: -118.24368286133
You had me enter a CA server.
Albert07:18:35 am
Which country do you want to connect to, so i may suggest you the best server address, and you will not get disconnection issues also
Ken07:18:50 am
This is too involved, especially for different purposes. Today, I wanted security. Later I may want to break the NBA blackout, so speed and a non-New York address, not simply fastest in USA, which would probably be local.
Albert07:21:11 am
I will provide you few server addresses, which will be best for your needs
Ken07:21:57 am
Why isn't NBA an option?
Albert07:22:02 am
you may use whenever you want to access NBA or USA streaming websites for gaming purpose and low ping
Ken07:22:20 am
You've got so many, including multiples for Netflix.
I want to watch games, not play games.
Streaming video.
Albert07:22:55 am
Sir then will be best for you
that will be best for you while you want to stream
Ken07:23:34 am
Where is it? Away from New York?
Albert07:23:44 am
yes, its away from new york
Ken07:23:55 am
Albert07:24:21 am
United States, California, Los Angeles
Ken07:24:33 am
Is it in the drop down or must I enter it?
Albert07:25:13 am
Sir, you have to enter this server address manually
or if you will choose ABC go from the purpose
it will let you connect with the same
Ken07:26:01 am
Why not add something for what I described Other people must have my requirement. Plus, each would need to direct to a non-local server. So someone in LA cannot use
Albert07:27:33 am
I apologise for the inconvenience, but i will forward your suggestion to the concerned department
Ken07:28:08 am
OK. So ABC for the NBA games. What about max security?
Albert07:28:44 am
For max security you may choose purpose maximum anonymity
Ken07:28:56 am
What server?
Albert07:29:20 am
You may choose any server and software will automatically take you to the best encryption
Ken07:29:45 am
For ABC, what protocol?
Albert07:30:40 am
you may choose same L2TP protocol, it will provide you 256 bit encryption
Ken07:30:53 am
When would I use PPTP?
Albert07:31:48 am
Sir, you may choose PPTP protocol anytime
PPTP provides security upto 128 bit
Ken07:32:24 am
What is TV Watching - USA?
Albert07:32:36 am
Sir, that will let you access streaming usa websites
Ken07:32:41 am
Are all these purposes defines someplace?
Albert07:32:46 am
Ken07:32:58 am
Albert07:33:47 am
Sir, if you will choose TV watching USA, it will connect you to the USA server
Ken07:34:10 am
No, where are all the definitions?
Albert07:34:55 am
Sir, it is defined on our server end
Ken07:35:31 am
Albert07:35:57 am
Sir unfortunately we dont have link for that
Ken07:36:29 am
I suggest that you make that info available to subscribers.
Albert07:37:04 am
Sure, we will do this , i will forward your suggestions to the concerned department
Ken07:38:17 am
OK. I'll try your recommendations. Eventually, I want my Andriod 5 tablet to use purevpn but I do not have time for that now. Thanks, Albert.
Duration: 24m 11s

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