Tuesday, March 10, 2015

purevpn live chat transcript: Windows 7 program disconnecting.

Name: Ken
Registration E-mail / E-mail: XXX
Are you Existing Customer Yes
Country / Location: USA

  Hummer Tue, 03/10/15 09:28:08 am America/New_York

Hello Ken. How may I help you?

  Ken 09:28:51 am

Windows 7 program lost connection after about 90 minutes.
It happens often.
Set to Automatic, fastest U.S.

  Hummer 09:30:18 am

Please try switching between protocols i.e PPTP/L2TP then try again

  Ken 09:30:57 am

What does automatic use?

  Hummer 09:31:13 am

It may select any protocol

  Ken 09:31:16 am

I don't know what I'm switching from.

  Hummer 09:31:25 am

You may switch to PPTP and check

  Ken 09:31:59 am

Check what?  Wait an hour and wait for the connection to fail again? This is silly.
I connected with PPTP

  Hummer 09:33:10 am

You will hopefully not get any disconnection now

  Ken 09:33:41 am

Why/ It might have been using PPTP before.

  Hummer 09:34:21 am

No it first try OpenVPN protocol

  Ken 09:34:50 am

Why doesn't your software show that?
Also, if the connection fails, it should change the icon, maybe to red to get my attention. Otherwise, it could fail and be down for hours unless I happen to notice the original message.
Is there a link where all your purpose items are defined?

  Hummer 09:37:59 am

once the VPN disconnects it will show in the notification in the task bar

  Ken 09:38:11 am


  Hummer 09:39:02 am

Please share which feature you want to know
so we will describe that addon briefle

  Ken 09:39:27 am

Difference among multiple Netflix.

  Hummer 09:39:45 am

NetFlix is basically a webpage of US
  Ken 09:40:00 am

You have nothing for U.S. sports: MLB and NBA.

  Hummer 09:40:24 am

You can access MLB and NBA with our service

  Ken 09:40:39 am

Using what purpose?
I'm just guessing.

  Hummer 09:41:01 am

You may select any purpose as HULU streaming
or connect VPN using the server address oscar1.pointtoserver.com

  Ken 09:42:29 am

oscar1.pointtoserver.com What the heck is that and how would anyone know to use that for baseball or basketball?

  Hummer 09:43:39 am

You may use any US fastest server as well from the purpose to access US based webpages

  Ken 09:43:55 am

I'm in New York. Which Netflix should I use?
Hummer 09:44:13 am

You may select US

  Ken 09:44:41 am

Why different ones for Netflix, Hulu, ABC, etc.?
Why multiples for cricket?

  Hummer 09:45:26 am

We actually created different DNS according to the users need

  Ken 09:45:43 am

I need baseball and basketball.
MLB and NBA.

  Hummer 09:46:22 am

Yes we have noted this and do not worry we will add this purpose as well in our software

  Ken 09:47:17 am

Thanks. Another time I'll chat about Android 5 on my Nexus 7 tablet, which still does not connect. Bye.

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