Friday, March 6, 2015

PureVPN: increasing aggravation., a hardware partner of, proved to be a bust.  I wound up returning its specially configured for purevpn $200 router (still waiting for acknowledgement, to say nothing of credit) because it could not perform for the one reason that I got it: Roku 3 breaking the NBA League Pass blackout.  flashrouters, based in New Jersey, would not call a New York phone number that I supplied to deal with technical problems but insisted on piling onto an unreadable 15 message mess of an e-mail thread even after I sent two separate fresh messages imploring them to at least exchange messages on a new thread.  They would only communicate through "text messaging" mode.  Two sides frantically typing when a conversation would be so much more efficient.  purevpn is the same.  Just bang away at the keyboard.  Hey, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone!  140 years ago.  Why are we typing in real time rather than talking?

Now purevpn is not working.

Windows7: frequently drops the connection for no apparent reason, then states that purevpn is still connected even as its program asks to be re-connected.

Android 5 Nexus7 tablet: after several attempts, both through changing protocols in the app and also trying to manually configure in the bowels of Android 5 settings, it still has not worked.

Chromebook: are you kidding?  At least purevpn does not pretend that it will work here.

There are many settings from which to choose but no indication of why any of them even exist.  Netflix USA or International?  Beats me which one I want/need.  Special selection for ABC, Hulu, etc.  Why?

But not a syllable about the two subscription issues that prompted me to try purevpn: NBA ans MLB blackouts.  Also, as long as I'm paying for purevpn: some degree of protection when connecting through a router other than my own.

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