Sunday, March 22, 2015

purevpn failed on three PCs, worked on Android tablet.

purevpn now finally connects on my Android 5 Nexus 7 tablet and even stays connected all day using "any" location, which goes to Atlanta each time.  I'm in New York.  Able to break NBA blackout and see the Knicks!

purevpn drops connection on Windows 7 (with various protocols and locations) and both my Chromebooks to fixed locations: Miami and LA.  Chromebook connections last less than 30 minutes.  No useful notification that the connection dropped.

purevpn sponsored router from failed to run streaming video of NBA games using Roku 3 box.  Router returned.  flashrouter support absurd.

purevpn support tries but seems to just follow a script. - did not work

Both purevpn and unlocator are too concerned about movies and not sports.  A movie starts and if it stops, just start again.  Live sports cannot be viewed that way.  They are missing a big boat, especially concerning the local blackouts of the NBA and MLB.

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