Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chrome OS PC ... coming Friday from Dell?

A Dell chat person told me today that it might be available Friday March 11, 2011.

I was shocked because I've trying to find information that is not one or two years old.  Wikipedia comments:

most of Chrome OS's advantages "can be found in other software environments without having to sacrifice native applications"

a useless brick when you are dealing with no or ancient Internet connections

Have they ever heard of the iPad?  Wouldn't those objections apply to tablets?

I'm interested in a Chrome OS PC but disappointed that it continues to be relegated to netbooks.  I tried an HP netbook with Linux but returned it because I could not load the the first application that I tried to install: Skype.  HP support sucked.

I then bought an Acer netbook running WindowsXP.  Many problems and Acer support sucked beyond belief.

Both the HP and Acer netbooks had a problem with the trackpad going out of control often.  I'm guessing that it's a hardware problem with small screens since they ran different operating systems.

The Acer had an unconventional screen aspect ratio, which caused problems occasionally.

How about a 17 inch laptop running Chrome OS?  Restricting Chrome OS to those stupid netbooks really limits the market.  I use google docs online exclusively.  I do not need applications on my PC.  Just the browser.

I'm anxious to see what is introduced.  I really don't to buy yet another laptop running bloated Windows when all I need is access to a browser, exactly what a Chrome OS PC would be.  I also do not want to buy another netbook.


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