Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HTC Thunderbolt: I'll pass.

Today I read several reviews, the ones done after the Thunderbolt was actually released on March 17.  They were all positive to varying degrees.

1. It's really fast, at least as far as can be determined since the Verizon 4G network has almost no traffic.

2. It's a worthy addition to the current HTC line, which has its proprietary shell (Sense) covering the native Android interface.  Since I already have the original Motorola Droid I know and like the Android interface and don't need and probably would not like the HTC shell.

3. The processor, while fast, is not of the newer dual processor type.

4. It's a bit hefty.

5. $250 is too much.  I had expected it to be $200 like most new high end smart phones in recent years.

6. Battery life is an issue.

July 9 my current commitment to Verizon reaches a point at which I should get more consideration from Verizon to re-up.  Plus, by then the Motorola Bionic should be out and possibly a Verizon version of the Motorola Atrix.  Verizon's 4G network should be better tested by then with considerably more devices attached.  If I go Motorola again, maybe I can use my current peripherals: car charger, AC adaptor.

And maybe by then we'll start to see some Chrome OS PCs.  I read that a Sony Vaio with solid state memory may come out with Chrome OS.  That was startling.  I would not have expected Sony, much less a Vaio, to run Chrome OS.  This suggests that Chrome OS may be more mainstream than expected.

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