Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Verizon FIOS and Wireless Speeds

Verizon website is again crapping out so I had to use other sources to supplement.  Many times I clicked a Verizon link and got this URL with an empty page:

You can't make up stuff like this.

Verizon chat:

You(08:28:03): FIOS Internet speed?
Leslie(08:28:33): I am happy to help you learn more about Verizon's
FiOS Internet.
Leslie(08:28:58): Verizon's FiOS Internet provides speeds from 15 Mbps
to 50 Mbps!
You(08:29:38): Is that theoretical or actual?
Leslie(08:30:08): Actual download and upload speeds will vary based on
numerous factors, such as the condition of wiring at your location,
computer configuration, Internet and network congestion, and the speed
of website servers you access, among other factors. Speed and
uninterrupted use of the service are not guaranteed.
You(08:30:53): How about realistic?
Leslie(08:32:23): You will be able to view the available plans and
prices for you, after you enter in your address on Verizon's website
to determine if FiOS Internet is available for you.
You(08:32:38): Verizon Wireless speeds: 3G and 4G?
You(08:32:38): Verizon Wireless speeds: 3G and 4G?
Leslie(08:33:53): I do apologize, but I do not have information
available on Verizon's Wireless services. You may visit for further information.
You(08:34:23): Thanks. Bye.


Actual speeds and service availability vary. HSI provisioned based on
VZ line qualification requirements at .5 Mbps to 1 Mbps service tier**

10 to 15 MBPS (Ultimate Plan). Availability subject to final
confirmation by Verizon.

Hong Kong has 100 gig service for $26 per month from one company.

Plans with MBPS: 15, 25, 50.

- The lowest bandwidth tier was originally 5 Mbit/s down and 2 Mbit/s
up and is now 15 Mbit/s down and 5 Mbit/s up in most areas. (bundled
with FiOS TV Prime HD)
- A second tier is available with 25 Mbit/s download speed and 25
Mbit/s upload speed. (bundled with FiOS TV Extreme HD)
- A third (or higher) service tier, when available for residential
service, provides higher still bandwidth, in some areas reaching
30/15, 35/35 or 50/20 Mbit/s download and upload. (bundled with FiOS
TV Ultimate HD)
- The fourth and highest service tier is 150Mbit/s down and 35Mbit/s
up for $199/month


How would WiFi 811n 120 MBPS be better than 811g  56MBPS if Verizon FIOS max speeds are 15/25/50 MBPS?  Both are faster than the theoretical max for Verizon FIOS.  Only that $199 per month service even rises to 150 MBPS.

Verizon Wireless 4G is supposed to be 12-13 MBPS; 4G standard max is 100 MBPS.

"I have a Bold that I connect to WiFi on a Comcast home network.  It
is a lot faster than the 3G connection."

"On June 30, 2007, Verizon Wireless had completed the overhaul of the
entire EV-DO network to EV-DO Rev. A. This enables PC Cards and
certain phones to obtain theoretical peak download speeds of 3.1
Mbit/s and upload speeds of up to 1.8 Mbit/s. [9] The actual download
and upload speeds vary due to a number of factors, and users will
typically see speeds close to 1 Mbit/s down, and 500 kbit/s up."

WiFi tethering even at the "theoretical peak download speeds of 3.1 Mbit/s" would seem to be pretty slow.

I am currently trying their 5gb version but I must say I am thoroughly dissappointed with the advertized vs real speeds of this service. They advertize 3 to 4mb but the best I could measure using several different services is about .6 download and .5 upload

 WiFi speeds:
          811g 56 MBPS 
          811n 120 MBPS 

WiFi does not seem to close reaching its max speed because Verizon tops out at:

- Verizon Wireless:
           3G theoretically 3.1 MBPS
           4G 12-13 MBPS
- Verizon FIOS 15/25/50 MBPS.

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