Friday, March 4, 2011

Motorola XOOM: apps are nuts and so are tablets.

Have any of the mainstream reviewers actually installed any XOOM apps?

Wow, it's weird.

I tried Skype.  I was lost for hours.  When I finally found it I still had to install it.  Installation, I think, is happening yet again but is taking a REALLY long time.

I'm beginning to think that I don't like tablets.

1. copy/paste sucks
2. I find myself using it like a netbook, propped up on that stupid "case", except there's no keyboard to save me.
3. I don't want to use even the GMail and contacts apps that I cannot quiesce without un-installing them, I guess.
4. It may be impossible to install XOOM apps.  Few exist and, so far, none have been installed.  In addition to Skype, I selected google body, which looks interesting.  It's awaiting the fate of Skype for its attempt at installation.

The on screen keyboard is painfully slow, with a very annoying lag between hitting a key and the symbol that appears, which includes a following space that does not count, as a real space must be entered.

Maybe this tablet thing sucks.

So where the heck are those damn Chrome OS PCs with their charming keyboards?

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