Monday, March 21, 2011

iPad: cannot create e-mail accounts

Day two of having the original iPad I spent two hours trying to create e-mail accounts.  I tried two yahoo accounts and one gmail.  I tried what was suggested by Apple online, including powering down.  Every effort failed.

Day three I spoke to Apple tech support twice: 52 minutes in the morning, 71 minutes in the afternoon.  Total failure and a desperate suggestion that maybe my WiFi was the problem and maybe I should take my iPad into an Apple retail store to try Apple WiFi and have someone at the Apple genius bar try it.  I thought I had been talking to geniuses.  For home WiFi I use my five year old Verizon FIOS combination modem and wireless router, which has worked with everything I've tried, including two Windows laptops, a Skype WiFi phone and multiple hand held devices: Palm TX, Palm Treo (did it have WiFi?) and Motorola Droid.

To run salt into the wound Apple has apparently lowered the price for the original iPad 3G by $100.  It's now only $30 more than the WiFi only version that I bought.  What, Apple thought I wouldn't notice?

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