Thursday, March 17, 2011

HTC Thunderbolt finally arrived. OK, now what? PRICE WAR!

I bought my Motorola Droid for $150 because it was more than two years since my last upgrade and Verizon must have been nervous that I'd churn to another service provider.  I was expecting the Thunderbolt to cost $200.  $250!  What the heck?

You always need more speed and power but $250!?

Waiting for Godot and Chromium OS.  A rare breach in security:

And it's not a stinking netbook!  Yippie!  If you'll pardon the expression: Yahoo!  Acer is planning a 24 inch all-in-one Chromium OS desktop?  Alright.  Cost: €299.  Let's see, using my secret google decoder ring ( that's 299 EUR = 415.7326 USD.  $416.  Wow.  WOW!  Wait.  It's just the Chrome browser, not the Chrome OS?  Acer will work it out.

If Google's Chromium OS PCs and Google's Android tablets don't do better we may be overwhelmed by Apple junk.  Oh, the humanity!

I'm hoping that Asus, Acer, some company will have the sense to introduce an Android tablet that is half the price of the Apple iPad.  Yes, HALF!  That's the only way to break the Apple juggernaut.  PRICE WAR!  Let's go to the mattresses.  When Acer introduces that $416 24 inch all-in-one Chromium OS desktop the price war is on!

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