Sunday, December 21, 2008

Apple, the Evil Empire

The Evil Empire is Apple, not Microsoft.  Not that Microsoft is not basically guilty as charged on most reasonable criticism.

Apple has the closed systems.

Apple relies on customers being dummies.  Like AOL.  Fear is good for Apple.

Microsoft is a software company.  Apple is a hardware and software company but primarily hardware.

Everything, especially games, are written for Microsoft Windows, which runs on computers from MANY companies.  MANY of these Windows computers are inexpensive.  Most non-games are also written for Apple's MacOS, which runs only on Apple computers.  Developers would prefer to have only one version of their products.  Businesses want only one OS.  Most consumers want only one OS; they want to buy apps.

Apple computer pricing is indefensible.  Apple seems to set a premium price and then add $300.  How the heck can Apple justify those prices?  $1,300 for the new Apple MacBook with a 13 inch monitor.

Apple is much more of a control freak than Microsoft.  Apple is abandoning MacWorld events to concentrate on Apple events in order to have total control.

Does Apple have a better product, i.e., MacOS fitted to Apple computers v. Windows on computers made by many different companies?  Probably.  But not nearly enough to justify the price.

All this is why Apple will remain a minor player, with at most ten percent market share.

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