Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Maybe not such a hot idea.

This mobile personal hot spot idea has become a headache.

Getting an iPhone 3G online is more expensive and unsure than I had expected. eBay is a mess. I do not know how it makes money.

3gstore is showing too much attitude on the Cradlepoint wireless router part:


Had you consulted us before buying the USB760, we'd have warned you that it does not yet work with any router, and that we already knew it would not be officially supported by cradlepoint for at least as long as you have left on your 30-day trial.

we do not control what cradlepoint decides to do or not do. all we can do is influence, and that only goes so far. thats why we suggested that if you know you must have a device compatible with a router, you return the USB760 and start over with a USB727. feel free to get your USB727 from whomever you want. getting it from us at least guarantees you get what you need/want, not what someone at a verizon store wants to sell you simply because its the smallest, new-kid-on-the-block.

there is nothing 3gstore can do for you to "resolve this matter" by the time your 30 day trial runs out, ASIDE from suggest you start over with a USB727 and of course we would suggest our services over some verizon store who wouldn't know the difference between a cellular router and a FM radio.

not sure what you expected us TO do.

PS: "resolved" means the ticket needs no further action unless the respondent asks another question. this ticket is again, resolved.


Hey, 3gstore guy, I told you that I selected the USB760 myself and ordered online, the only place that it can be bought. I did NOT buy it from some guy in a Verizon store trying to unload his old inventory. I got ahead of the game. I'm not a dummy, like a guy who dumps on his customers. What happened to the old saying that the customer is always right?

Another reason that I got the USB760 is that it was supposed to be the only Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS modem that worked with Linux. Remember that. Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS techies called me four times over the weekend, speaking to me once. Firist I was told that no Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS modem worked with a Linux PC. When I pointed out that the Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS web site saiid that the USB760 worked with Linux, they checked and conceded the point. When I asked which of the many versions of Linux, they disappeared into the Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS black hole and have not returned. I did not mention that I had already returned the Linux PC last Monday because it had given every indication that nothing would work on it that had already been loaded on by Dell. Linux is a Tower of Babble.

The Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS service has been spotty. Mostly OK. Sometimes slow. Sometimes very slow. Sometimes very SLOW. This morning I switched to FIOS WiFi. Now back on Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS service.

Cannot test the fring program until I get an iPhone.

I even checked Apple MacBooks. Least outrageously overpriced is the old model: $1,000. It was $950 on black Friday, the sale day after Thanksgiving.

If I had to decide now, I would stick with what I have now. I know it works. Verizon Wireless voice service is rock solid. As mentioned in my original post on this, I could always use my current stuff over existing public WiFi: PalmTX with WiFi to browse and my Skype WiFi phone for voice.


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