Wednesday, December 10, 2008

iPhone Terms and Conditions

I had to do a google search to find this.

Cancellations/Early Termination Fee: An Early Termination Fee may be assessed against you in the event that you terminate your Wireless Service Agreement and/or selected plan before the expiration of its term. The fee will begin at $175 per device and decrease by $5 each month for the term of the agreement. You may cancel your service, for any reason and without incurring the Early Termination Fee, within thirty (30) days of signing your Wireless Service Agreement, PROVIDED, however, that if you cancel service you will remain responsible for any service fees and charges incurred. If you cancel within three (3) days of signing your Wireless Service Agreement, you will be entitled to a refund of your activation fee, if any. If you exercise this option, you may be required to return devices and associated accessories purchased in connection with your Wireless Service Agreement.


This does not exactly answer my questions. If I cancel between 3 and 30 days may I keep the iPhone? There has got to be more or lots of people would do it. I wonder if the emphasis would be different if I bought the iPhone at an Apple store v. an ATT store. Apple just wants to sell product. ATT wants the service money each month.

Maybe there is additional language that jacks the price of the iPhone up to $600.

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