Sunday, December 21, 2008

Verizon Wireless Smartphone Internet

After deciding to dump the Apple iPhone and its $30 data plan after only one day I was about to buy a BlackBerry Storm on the Verizon Wireless web site, counting on the thirty day return policy - same as that for the iPhone.  I had noticed that there were two options for the data plan: $45 for corporate, $30 for personal use.  I had never seen the $30 option for my Palm Treo 700P on the Verizon Wireless web site.  My purchase of the BB Storm was interrupted by a chat (instant messaging) with a Verizon Wireless person who informed me that my Treo could have the $30 plan added by calling another Verizon Wireless person but not through the Verizon Wireless web site.  What?  How does that make sense?

Since I could try the Verizon Wireless data plan on my Treo, I avoided buying a new device.  I may cancel at any time.  There is no turn on or turn off charge.  Cool.  This will enable me to test my need to have an Internet connection where ever I am.  The Palm browser is Blazer 4.5, not much improved over Blazer 4.3 on my Palm TX.  Blazer displays some photos but it is basically text.

I can return to the Verizon Wireless voice only service on my Treo, which I might do if I decide to retain the Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS service to replace my home Verizon FIOS Internet service.  Keeping both the Treo Internet service at $30 plus some tax and the BROADBANDACCESS for $30 more that FIOS Internet, would increase my Internet cost by $60 ($45 to $105), something that I want to avoid.

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