Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mobile Internet Device

Here are the options that I have been considering:

1. my current Palm Treo 700P, service from Verizon Wireless; NO WiFi
2. Apple iPhone, service from ATT Wireless; WiFi; possible use with ATT Wireless or WiFi
3. G1 Google Phone, service from T-Moble, which I would not use; WiFi
4. Nokia N810 WiMax Internet tablet, no service provider; WiFi and WiMax.
5. Netbook, such as the Dell Mini 9 that I bought and returned because Linux OS was deficient.

Note: Verizon FIOS gives a flex discount if I have two Verizon FIOS services (video and Internet) AND Verizon Wireless service, either voice or Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS service.  The discounts are:

- FIOS video: $48 down to $40 ($8)
- FIOS Internet: $58 down to $45 ($13).

1. Palm Treo 700P

Price: $400, already paid three years ago.

1. Do not need to buy a new device.
2. Stay with Verizon Wireless, which has the best voice network and the best data network.
3. no two year commitment.

1. Monthly bill: $45 plus 25% tax, about $56.25!  Ouch!  That in addition to nearly $50 for voice.
2. No WiFi.  NOT acceptable.

2. Apple iPhone

- $200 with two year ATT contract
- $500 on eBay without contract.

1. Cool.
2. WiFi
3. could use with Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS service if I keep it and if I get that Cradlepoint battery powered router to work.
4. Apps, including Skype free from
5. Could use it instead of Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS service.
6. With ATT Wireless voice I would get roll over minutes!  Big plus!
7. Lightest and smallest.

Cons for using ATT:
1. Monthly bill: not as onerous as that for Verizon but still $30 plus 25% tax, about $37.50.  That in addition to nearly $50 for voice, same as Verizon.
2. ATT network sucks.
3. Verizon FIOS would increase cost of video service from $40 to $53 plus tax if I switch voice service from Verizon Wireless to ATT Wireless.

1. If I kept Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS ($60 plus 25% tax) and cancel FIOS Internet ($45 no tax), which I would do, Verizon FIOS would increase cost of video service from $40 to $48 plus tax.
2. No physical keyboard.

3. G1 Google Phone

Cost: $325 on eBay; no contract.

1. WiFi
2. Google syncs from G1 to google web server for gmail, contacts and calendar without using a PC.  Huge.
3. Enhanced google earth.
4. Physical keyboard.

2. No sync with MS Outlook, Mac iCal, etc.
3. No apps yet.

Nokia N810 WiMax Internet tablet

Price: $458; $362 from Nokia online chat,

1. NO service provider.
2. WiFi only connection to Internet.
3. WiMax; future.
4. Biggest screen, over four inches, even larger than my PalmTX.
5. Physical keyboard.

1. No option for a service provider.
2. WiFi only; really need Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS service AND Cradlepoint router.
3. Heaviest at half a pound.


My current Palm Treo is eliminated because of the cost of the Verizon data plan: $56.26, including tax.  That's ridiculous.

G1 Google phone is eliminated because it cannot run Skype.  T-Mobile is a joke as a carrier, so using it for voice is not an option.


1. Apple iPhone with ATT Wireless for both voice and data.  The data plan replaces BOTH Verizon Internet services and leaves me with the iPhone as my only access to the Internet other than the free WiFi in a public room in my building but not near my apartment.  The additional ATT data cost of $37.50 is less than what I pay with me flex plan for Verizon FIOS Internet - $45.  Verizon FIOS would then want to increase the cost of my video service from $40 to $48.  I could switch back to the hated Cablevision at $30 plus $10 for an HD-DVR.  Unlikely.

2. Replace Verizon FIOS Internet ($45) with Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS service ($75) for a cost increase of $30.  This would negate the Verizon flex discount and increase my video cost from $40 to $48.  That's a total increase of $38.

2a. Apple iPhone with ATT Wireless for both voice and data, replacing Verizon Wireless voice.  Cost for data: $37.50.  Total increase: $75.50.  Unlikely.

2b. Apple iPhone, no contract.  Use it to make Skype calls.  Cancel Verizon Wireless voice, saving $50, which more than offsets the extra cost of BROADBANDACCESS ($30).  This is the least expensive option, reducing my cost $20 and increasing my mobile functionality.  It completely adheres to the basic concept: a mobile Internet device for multiple functions, including voice and browsing.  It is also the most risky.  Two points of failure for voice service: ATT Wireless modem, Cradlepoint router.  Skype lacks functions of wireless service such as call waiting.  All this would need to be tested in phases.  Possible.

2c. Nokia N810 WiMax Internet tablet.  Use Palm Treo with Verizon Wireless voice as I do now.  Possible increase in cost of video service of $8.  Least risky.  Nokia N810 could be a good addition either with Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS service or as an additional and more powerful WiFi device.  Possible.

3. Apple iPhone with ATT Wireless for both voice and data, replacing Verizon Wireless voice.  Cost for data: $37.50.  Keep Verizon FIOS Internet ($45)  and cancel Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS service ($75).  This would negate the Verizon flex discount and increase my Verizon FIOS video cost from $40 to $48 and increase my Verizon FIOS Internet from $45 to $53.  That's $21.  Total increase: $58.50.  Unlikely, unless I can get concessions from Verizon FIOS OR a better deal from Cablevision for both video and Internet.

4. Netbook with Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS.  Cost increase: $30.

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