Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cost implications of swapping home Internet service for wireless.

The cost of my Internet service would increase more than I had considered if I replace home service ($45 with my Verizon flex bundle discount) with Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS ($60 PLUS $15 tax). Hey, nothing like 25% tax. Do they think we don't notice? And, there's no tax on Verizon FIOS Internet. Who knew?

That's an increase of $30 per month. I thought $15 was bad enough.

In addition, my Verizon FIOS flex bundle requires that I have both video AND Internet service. Replacing Verizon FIOS Internet with Verizon Wireless BROADBANDACCESS  would cause my FIOS video service to increase from $40 to $48 plus 14% tax on video service.

That's a total increase for the Internet switch of almost $40. Ouch! NOT what I had in mind.

The only way that it makes money sense is to cancel Verizon Wireless voice: $40 plus 24% tax = $49.61.

Wow, I would SAVE about $10 per month. However, I would need to exist with Skype as my only voice service. That would absolutely require getting that Cradlepoint router to work with my Verizon USB760 modem. Then I could take Skype on the road.  Here is the latest from Cradlepoint:

Unfortunately your device is currently not supported at this time. We are constantly trying to expand our list of supported devices and hopefully in the future we'll be able to support your device. With every firmware update we expand this list so please keep an eye out on our website. There have been reports from customers who've been able to get some devices to work on our router that aren't on the supported device list. Even so, we wouldn't be able to support these devices if they aren't on our list.



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